The Faculty of Science at Japan Women's University has signed an agreement with the RIKEN Center for Environmental and Resource Science to promote collaboration and cooperation in mutual research.We aim to promote mutual research and create innovation in the field of bioimaging using electron microscopes and other techniques.

 According to Japan Women's University, the cooperation matters based on the agreement are:
・Promotion of research and development
・Mutual use of research facilities and equipment
・Promotion of academic exchange and researcher training
・Mutual support and joint implementation of information dissemination

 The Faculty of Science at Japan Women's University consists of the Department of Mathematical and Physical Information Sciences and the Department of Chemistry and Life Sciences, and was established in 1992 as the only Faculty of Science at a private women's university.The electron microscope was installed in 1956, inheriting the founding philosophy of Japan Women's University, which emphasized natural science.Currently equipped with six electron microscopes and numerous peripheral equipment, it is considered one of Japan's leading electron microscope facilities.

 Since its establishment in 2013, RIKEN's Center for Environmental and Resource Science has played a leading role in realizing a sustainable society through the fusion of different fields of plant science, chemical biology, biomass engineering, and catalytic chemistry.It is hoped that this collaboration will further advance the research of both parties.

reference:[Japan Women's University] Japan Women's University Faculty of Science concludes an agreement for collaboration and cooperation to promote mutual research with the RIKEN Center for Environmental and Resource Science (PDF)

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