Achieved a 17% employment decision rate for all graduates over 99.2 years.A university that emphasizes practical studies to develop specialists in health and education

Kio University is a university that emphasizes practical studies and trains professionals in the fields of health and education, such as physical therapists, nurses, midwives, registered dietitians, architects, elementary school teachers, kindergarten teachers, school nurses, and childcare workers. .The employment decision rate for all graduates over the 17 years since the university's opening has been 99.2%*, and it has been evaluated as a ``university that is strong in employment.''What supports this is Kio University's "double homeroom teacher system."In addition to class and seminar teachers, the Career Center, which is well-versed in each industry, and staff from the Recruitment and Civil Service Office work together to support each student in realizing their dreams.
*6,546 people employed ÷ 6,596 people seeking employment

List of faculties / departments
Faculty of Health SciencesDepartment of Physical Therapy Capacity 76 people
Department of Nursing and Medical Care Capacity 94 people
Department of Health and Nutrition Capacity 90 people
Department of Human Environmental Design Capacity 60 people
Faculty of EducationDepartment of Contemporary Education Capacity 195

Contact information, address, etc.
Zip Code635-0832
Address4-2-2 Umaminaka, Koryo-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun, Nara Prefecture
DepartmentAdmission Center

Scholarship information
Scholarship nameEligible personsof peopleSalary / loan
Special scholarship for those with excellent grades at the time of admission
Top 10%[Benefit] 43 yen (equivalent to half the tuition fee) (principally 4 years) *Continuous review required
Special scholarship to support students from remote areas
Within the top 20%[Benefit] 24 yen (4 years in principle) *Continuous review required
Description of the icon
Formation... Scholarships for students with excellent academic performance  Through... Scholarships mainly for financial supporters  Input... Scholarships for students with excellent entrance examination results  Out... Scholarships for people from designated areas  Capital... Scholarships for qualification holders  etc.... other scholarships such as extracurricular activities 
* This scholarship information is based on the questionnaire that was answered by September 2023, 9.

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List of articles by Kio University