Learn human power, basic power, and personal skills, and develop "global human resources" who will lead the next generation

It has been 1887 years since Professor Enryō Inoue founded the "Private Philosophy Museum" in 20 (Meiji 135), and now it is one of the leading comprehensive universities in Japan with 14 faculties and 47 departments.Adhering to the founding philosophy "Philosophy is the basis of various studies", thinking deeply about things, establishing one's own way of life based on one's own culture, and living dignifiedly and sincerely with high ethics. Fostering students who can.With one of the educational reforms, "internationalization, career education, and philosophical education," as the three pillars, we have introduced the "Toyo University Standard," a basic education program that transcends the framework of the faculty.Accepting the needs of the times while inheriting tradition.We will develop global human resources who will lead the next generation.

List of faculties / departments
Department of literaturePhilosophy Department Capacity 100 people
Department of Eastern Thought and Culture Capacity 100 people
Department of Japanese Literature and Culture Capacity 133 people
Department of English and American Literature Capacity 133 people
History Department Capacity 133 people
Education Department Capacity 150 students
Department of International Cultural Communication Capacity 100 people
Faculty of Letters Part 2Department of Eastern Thought and Culture (Evening Course) Capacity 30 people
Department of Japanese Literature and Culture (Evening Course) Capacity 50 people
Department of Education (Evening Course) Capacity 40 people
Faculty of EconomicsDepartment of Economics Capacity 250
Department of International Economics Capacity 183
Comprehensive Policy Department Capacity 183
Faculty of Economics Part 2Department of Economics (Evening Course) Capacity 150 people
Faculty of BusinessDepartment of Business Administration Capacity 316 people
Marketing Department Capacity 150 people
Department of Accounting and Finance Capacity 216 people
Faculty of Business Administration Part 2Department of Business Administration (Evening Course) Capacity 110 people
Faculty of LawLaw Department Capacity 250
Department of Corporate Law Capacity 250 people
Faculty of Law Part 2Law Department (Evening Course) Capacity 120 people
Faculty of SociologyDepartment of Sociology Capacity 150
Department of International Sociology Capacity 150 people
Media Communication Department Capacity 150 people
Department of Social Psychology Capacity 150 people
Faculty of Sociology Part 2Department of Sociology (Evening Course) Capacity 130 people
Faculty of International StudiesDepartment of Global Innovation Capacity 100 people
International Regional Sciences Capacity 210 students
International Regional Sciences (Evening Course) Capacity 80 people
Faculty of International TourismDepartment of International Tourism Capacity 366 people
Faculty of Information TechnologyInformation Cooperation Department Capacity 300 people
Faculty of Science and EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Capacity 180 people
Department of Biomedical Engineering Capacity 113 people
Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering Capacity 113 people
Department of Applied Chemistry Capacity 146 people
Department of Urban Environmental Design Capacity 113 people
Department of Architecture Capacity 146 people
Faculty of InformaticsDepartment of Comprehensive Information Studies Capacity 260 people
Faculty of Life ScienceDepartment of Life Sciences Capacity 113 people
Department of Applied Biological Sciences Capacity 113 people
Faculty of Food Environmental ScienceDepartment of Food Environmental Science Capacity 70 people
Department of Health and Nutrition Capacity 100 people
Faculty of Social Welfare Design *Newly established in April 2023Department of Social Welfare Capacity 216 people
Child support department Capacity 100 people
Department of Human Environmental Design Capacity 160 people
Faculty of Health and Sports Science *Newly established in April 2023Department of Health and Sports Science Capacity 230 people
Department of Nutrition Science Capacity 100 people

Contact information, address, etc.
Zip Code112-8606
Address5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Department NameEntrance Examination Department Entrance Examination Division
Phone Number03-3945-7272

Remarks* Information on admission in 2023.
The contents of the installation plan and application for approval such as new expansion, reorganization, and capacity change are included, and there is a possibility that they may be changed in the future. Please be sure to check with.
Official page#https://www.toyo.ac.jp/ja-JP/#

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