Starting in 2025, Toyo University will introduce a new school-recommendation-type selection (open recruitment system) that allows applicants to apply for the same application at the same time: ``School Recommendation Entrance Exam: Basic Academic Ability Test Type.''

 Toyo University's ``School Recommendation Entrance Exam - Basic Academic Achievement Test Type'' is an open recruitment system where applicants can apply if they have a recommendation from their high school principal, but those who have already graduated can also apply.

 The exam subjects are 2 subjects and 2 subjects. The entrance exam focuses on academic ability, with basic academic ability tests in English and Japanese, or English and mathematics, and no interviews or essays. For English, scores from external English tests can also be used.

 In the Kansai region, it is not uncommon for candidates to be selected through an open recruitment system based on school recommendation, with a basic academic ability test without an interview or essay. Since it is possible to apply not only to other universities but also to the general selection, many students consider this to be a prelude to the general selection, and the number of applicants is large.

 If Toyo University introduces the entrance exam in 2025, it is likely that many students will take the exam, thinking it is a prelude to the general selection process, just like in the Kansai region. Details will be published on the entrance examination information website in June 2024.

 The entrance exam date for the "School Recommendation Entrance Exam - Basic Achievement Test Type" is December 2024, 12 (Sunday), and the application period is from November 1, 2024 (Friday) to November 11, 1 (Friday). The exam will be held at each Toyo University campus (Hakusan, Akabanedai, Kawagoe, Asaka). The results will be announced on December 11, 8 (Tuesday), the first procedure will be on December 2024 (Tuesday), and the second (final) procedure will be on February 12, 10 (Friday) after the general selection results are announced. Until now.

Reference: [Toyo University] From 2025, school recommendation-based selection will begin where students can apply at the same time.

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