The Ministry of the Environment has decided on new research themes to be tackled from FY2015 with the competitive research fund "Environmental Research Comprehensive Promotion Fund" to support environmental policy.This new research project was open to the public from September to November 2014, and out of a total of 9 applications, one strategic research project (composed of 11 projects) and 250 projects were adopted.The FY20 budget for promotion costs is 49 billion yen, of which 2015 billion yen will be allocated to new issues.

The research projects newly adopted are as follows.

Strategic R & D area
"Integrated Strategic Research on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Measures" (University of Tokyo), 20 project consisting of 1 issues.

Common to all areas / crossing areas
Five issues such as "Risk Governance through Cooperation of Risk Assessment Technology and Institutions" (Osaka University) and "Building a Platform for Consumer Energy Demand Structure and Future Prediction in Asia" (Housing Environment Planning Institute).

De-warming society
"Research on index development for the purpose of progress evaluation of climate change countermeasures" (National Institute for Environmental Studies), "Evaluation of refinement and reduction method of methane emission estimation in South Asia using GOSAT" (Nara Women's University) 8 issues such as university).

Recycling society
16 issues such as "System analysis and social application of waste generation control concept" (Kyoto University), "Study on sustainability evaluation method and improvement strategy of waste treatment system" (Hokkaido University).

Nature symbiotic society
"Prediction of biodiversity patterns based on ecological big data and evaluation of effective force of natural parks" (Ryukyu University), "Elucidation of dynamics of microplastics drifting from the coast to the ocean and evaluation of environmental risks" (Kyushu University) ) And other 7 issues.

A society where safety is ensured
"Interdisciplinary research for exposure assessment and risk assessment of atmospheric fine particles released by the nuclear accident" (University of Tokyo), "Construction of ventilation aerosol concentration distribution information provision system that contributes to various environmental impact assessments" (National Environmental Research Institute) and other 13 issues.

Source:[Ministry of the Environment] Research outline of newly adopted projects in 27

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