When overseas students choose a Japanese university, the biggest deciding factor is money such as tuition and scholarships, which is the operation of the overseas site "UNIV. IN JAPAN" that introduces Japanese universities. It was clarified in a questionnaire of Communications (Tokyo).While the majority of students choose a university for money and majors, fewer are focusing on supporting Japanese language learning and the number of international students.

The survey was conducted on the Internet from August 2012 to May 8, targeting men and women around the world, and 2015 samples (with multiple answers) were obtained from 5 people.The nationalities of the respondents are Asia 204%, Africa 542%, North America 50%, Europe 30%, etc. 10% were high school students, 9% were university students, and the others were university faculty members and parents.

According to it, the most important point when choosing a Japanese university is that the major is 19%, which is the top.This was followed by 17% of tuition fees, 16% of scholarships, and 33% of both, which proved to be the biggest problem.The following are university rankings 8%, dormitory and lodging introductions, professors, Japanese language learning support 7% each, employment support 6%, number of foreign students, employment rate and employment destination 3% each, university tradition, safety each 2%, campus atmosphere 1%, opinions of graduates and current students 0.2%, etc.
Other minority opinions included language, learning in English, learning online, location, admissions brokers, and university facilities.

Source:[Arc Communications Co., Ltd.] This is the decisive factor!How to choose a Japanese university from overseas students (PDF)

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