Toyohashi University of Technology has established the AIST-TUT Advanced Sensor Joint Research Laboratory, which conducts advanced joint research with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).The network created by sensors is attracting attention as the next step in information utilization.Sensors placed everywhere around us detect various information in the real world such as temperature, humidity / water quality, movement of people and logistics, and send it to the world of the Internet, so that the information society will move to a new stage. It is expected that there will be no.One of the efforts to achieve this is the development of new sensors by this laboratory.

The purpose of this laboratory is to shorten the time it takes for a newly developed sensor to be released as a product, and to develop and put it into practical use at low cost.Even if a new technology is developed at the research stage, there are still many issues to be solved before it can be put into practical use.At that stage, there are many new technologies that do not see the light of day because they are reluctant to invest in research.We aim to prevent such new technologies from stagnation in sensor development through collaboration between government and academia.

If sensors connected to the network are installed in various places, life will be more convenient and comfortable than ever.For example, if you have a sensor that can easily measure your health at home, your doctor may be able to detect signs of illness and receive treatment before it becomes serious.In the event of a disaster, you will be able to quickly collect information on which shelter and how much medicine you need, and deliver the necessary relief supplies as much as you need.

 With the spread of smartphones, it has become possible to obtain information anytime, anywhere.In addition to that, sensors installed in various places will be able to transmit information, and new ways of using information may appear that are completely different from the past.If that happens, it will create a completely new value that no one has thought of.

Source:[Toyohashi University of Technology] "AIST-TUT Advanced Sensor Joint Research Laboratory" has been established.

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