Kagawa Nutrition University and Kagawa Nutrition University Graduate School (both in Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture) have signed an agreement on comprehensive cooperation between industry and academia with Kirin (Headquarters, Tokyo, President Takunori Isozaki), a major beverage company. With the common theme of "extending healthy life expectancy through food," we have set up a collaborative council of three parties to promote social awareness activities and joint research aimed at improving health.

Kagawa Nutrition University and Graduate School have been focusing on nutrition research and education based on the founding spirit of "maintaining and improving human health through food."In addition to nurturing many human resources who support Japanese food and health, such as registered dietitians, we are also developing various social activities aimed at improving health.In collaboration with Kirin, we hope to develop excellent human resources who study nutrition and health sciences at universities and graduate schools, and return the results to society.
Kirin has set the promotion of health as one of the company's management themes, and has developed and sold products that lead to a healthy and comfortable life.By collaborating with Kagawa Nutrition University and Graduate School, which have high knowledge and abundant research results in the fields of nutrition and health, we are developing new products that will lead to health promotion. After the establishment of the collaboration council, the three parties will decide the themes of joint research and social enlightenment activities and put them into practice.

With the declining birthrate and aging population, reduction of medical expenses and maintenance of the social security system have become major social issues in recent years.Along with this, consumers have become more aware of maintaining and improving their health and preventing illness.The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has set out to extend healthy life expectancy as a central issue of the national health promotion campaign "Health Japan 21", and is calling on private companies to play an active role in achieving this.
Therefore, the three parties will appeal to society about the importance of a well-balanced diet and embark on industry-academia collaboration to contribute to solving social problems from the perspective of nutrition by jointly promoting the training of highly knowledgeable human resources. I made it.

Source:[Kirin Co., Ltd.] Kagawa Nutrition University and Kirin Co., Ltd. conclude an agreement on comprehensive industry-academia collaboration

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