Toyo University (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) Graduate School of Public-Private Partnership, PPP Research Center, in collaboration with Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo R Real Estate Co., Ltd. It is expanding.The trial stay (trial residence) of this project matches real estate with those who are interested in settling, "creating an opportunity for settling", and disseminating the charm of the town through exchange events between participants and local residents. The purpose is to encourage "motivation to settle down".

The university has been conducting research on the utilization of public land and financial soundness in Miura City as part of the 27 Regional Revitalization University Collaboration Project in Kanagawa Prefecture. The PPP Research Center was established in 2006 for the first time in Japan at the Graduate School of Economics as a specialized course for public-private partnership (PPP) that solves problems in the region through public-private-citizen collaboration.

The university will utilize its knowledge of "civil-private partnership," "utilization of public land," and "renovation town planning," and Miura City will create a system for coordination with the local community and project implementation with fairness and neutrality as a public organization.In addition, Tokyo R Real Estate, which participates as a company, has a wealth of experience in trial stays and has unique strengths in disseminating real estate information, so it is responsible for recruiting business participants.

For the recruitment of trial stayers, the recruitment of unused or idle housing that can be rented in Miura City has been completed, and from now on, housing for trial stay will be selected, around October 2015. We will start recruiting trial stayers from.Currently, the application for trial stay housing (rental unused or idle housing in Miura City) has been closed.In the future, we will select housing and start recruiting trial stayers from around October 10.

Source:[Toyo University] We will carry out a regional revitalization university collaboration project in Miura City.

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