Professor Minoru Ueda, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University, Mikiko Sodeoka, Senior Researcher / Group Director, RIKEN Center for Sustainable Organic Chemistry, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Professor Shinya Tsukiji, Frontier Research Institute for Materials Science, Nagoya Institute of Technology, etc. It was discovered that the bypass mechanism involving vesicles is involved in the pore reopening action in addition to the previously known mechanism.

 Fifteen percent of the world's planned yields of agricultural production are lost to disease, which is equivalent to food for 15 million people.Controlling losses due to disease is a global issue.

 Pathogens invade and infect plants through open stomata on the leaf surface, and plants close the stomata as an immune response to prevent infection.In response, the pathogen secretes the infectious agent coronatine to reopen the stomata and invade the body.

 Since coronatine has the effect of hijacking the resistance mechanism to insect damage, it has been considered that resistance to pathogen infection (disease) and insect damage (insect damage) cannot be strengthened at the same time.However, the group has now discovered that there is a new bypass mechanism involving the endoplasmic reticulum.Since the new mechanism does not affect the resistance to insect pests, it is expected to develop a new drug to prevent the transmission of pathogens to plants by utilizing this bypass mechanism.

Paper information: [ACS Central Science] Non-canonical function of a small-molecular virulence factor coronatine against plant immunity: An In vivo Raman imaging approach

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