Meiji Gakuin University plans to open the first new faculty of science, "Faculty of Information and Mathematics (tentative name, under construction)" in April 2024.

 Since the opening of Hepburn School in 1863, Meiji Gakuin University has been aiming to realize the education necessary for the times.This time, with the aim of realizing that education and expanding the scope of university education, we will establish the first new faculty of science, "Faculty of Information and Mathematics," as Meiji Gakuin University.It is one of the Department of Mathematical Sciences and has a capacity of 1 people and is scheduled to open on the Yokohama Campus (Totsuka Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture).

 In the field of information and mathematics, which is highly expected by society, new and flexible forms of education such as classes utilizing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and PBL (Project Based Learning) have been developed and have already begun to be implemented.Meiji Gakuin University will also take this kind of education and combine it with the educational methods and contents that it has cultivated so far to develop further developed classes for the new era, create opportunities for industry-academia-government collaboration, and expand the opportunities for graduates to play an active role.

 In the Faculty of Information and Mathematics, "mathematical language" to acquire mathematical comprehension (mathematical language) that can adapt and apply to rapid changes in the field of information science constructed from mathematical materials, information science based on mathematical language In addition to "information words" to learn (information words) and know what can be done with computers and AI in the future, it is also possible to utilize mathematical words and information words in the international community, obtain information from the world, and send it out by yourself. We will also provide English education that can be done and education that makes you strongly aware of the contact points and fusion between information mathematics science and society.

 Human resources who have the ability to think about what AI can do and apply information technology to problems, mathematical academic ability to respond to technological innovations and changes in information science, and PBL (Project Based Learning) subjects In consideration of ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Issues), a human resource who has the ability to solve problems cultivated through such activities, the educational philosophy "Do for Others" "Human resources who can embody the power of information and mathematical science.

 In addition, in order to make the best use of the achievements that have been accumulated as a comprehensive university of liberal arts, the "Information Science Fusion Area Center" is scheduled to open in April 2024 with the aim of organic cooperation between the Faculty of Information and Mathematics and existing faculties and organizations. ..This center will be a stage for collaboration between the new faculty and existing faculties, and at the same time, it will also serve as a contact point for industry-academia-government collaboration with off-campus.

 In the future, the Preparatory Office for the Establishment of the Faculty of Information and Mathematics and the Center for Information Science Fusion will be opened in April 2022, and the Faculty of Information and Mathematics and the Center for Information Science Fusion will be opened in April 4. * Installation plan is planned, and the contents may change.

Reference: [Meiji Gakuin University] The first Faculty of Science, "Faculty of Information and Mathematics" will be established as Meiji Gakuin University.

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