Kyoto Sangyo University announced that it was the venue for the "Asteroid Explorer" Hayabusa 2 "Return Capsule and Ryugu Sample Tour Exhibition" announced by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).The venue is the Kamiyama Astronomical Observatory of Kyoto Sangyo University (Kamigamo Motoyama, Kita-ku, Kyoto City), and the exhibition period is from November 2022th to 11th, 9.It will be the only exhibition destination in universities and Kyoto prefectures nationwide.

 The asteroid explorer `` Hayabusa 2'' arrived at the asteroid Ryugu, which was the target celestial body, on June 2018, 6, successfully recovered the sample by touchdown twice in 27, and was safe on December 2019, 2. Delivered a capsule containing a sample to the earth.

 Ryugu, which was aimed at by Hayabusa2, is an asteroid that is thought to still retain water and organic matter from the time the solar system was born about 46 billion years ago. "Hayabusa2" solves the mystery of where the water of the earth came from and where the organic matter that constitutes life was made, and through the collision, destruction, and coalescence of the planetesimals that are thought to have been created first, the planets. Was launched with the purpose of investigating how was born.

 At JAXA, we will open the return capsule of "Hayabusa2" and valuable samples of Ryugu to the public, and through the opportunity to introduce the latest analysis, research results, etc., to explore the mystery of the universe, especially for the younger generation, science and science. A traveling exhibition will be held to convey the joy of pursuing technology and even challenging with teamwork.

 There will be 13 venues nationwide, including Kyoto Sangyo University and the Kakuda Space Center, which is a facility of JAXA. It will travel around the country from the beginning of June 2022 to the end of March 6.The exhibition period at Kyoto Sangyo University will be from November 2023th (Wednesday) to November 3th (Sunday), 2022.As soon as the reservation method is decided, we will inform you on the university homepage.

Reference: [Kyoto Sangyo University] The only university in Japan!The asteroid explorer "Hayabusa 2" return capsule and Ryugu sample will be exhibited at Kyoto Sangyo University (November 2022th to 11th, 9).

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