Associate Professor Junichiro Kawahara of Hokkaido University and Assistant Professor Yuki Miyazaki of Chukyo University collaborated with Unicharm Co., Ltd. to examine the effect of mask wearing and the color of the mask on the attractiveness of the face.As a result, it was found that the pink mask enhances the attractiveness of the female face regardless of the original attractiveness.Unicharm released the "Super Comfortable Mask for Women", a mask for women that utilizes this result, from September 9st.It will be a regular sale after renewing what was previously on sale for a limited time.

 As the number of mask wearers increases from the viewpoint of etiquette and physical condition management, functions such as design and appearance have become more important in addition to the original functions.For example, when Unicharm released a limited edition pink mask as a variation of "Super Comfortable Mask", it seems to have been well received by women who want to change their mood with the color of the mask.On the other hand, the culture of wearing masks is rare outside of Japan, so the effect on the attractiveness of the appearance was not well understood.

In response to this, Professor Kawahara and his colleagues verified based on the data whether wearing a mask changes the attractiveness of the face.In the study, we photographed the faces of women in their 20s and 30s wearing pink and white masks on the screen, and asked 18 men and women over the age of 33 to judge their attractiveness.Each photo is displayed one by one, and each one is judged as attractive by a numerical value from 1 to 1.As a result, regardless of the original attractiveness of the face, the result was that wearing a pink mask looked about 100% more attractive than wearing a white mask.

From this result, Professor Kawahara says that wearing a mask may have a positive effect.Wearing a mask may not look very good, but depending on the color, if your face looks attractive, more people may wear it even if you don't have a cold.

Source:[Hokkaido University] Verification of the effect of mask color on facial appeal (PDF),[Uni-Charm] Improved to a gentler baby pink color and standardized "Super Comfortable Mask for Women" New Release

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