Dip (Headquarters, Tokyo, President Hideki Tomita), who introduces human resources, changes jobs, and operates a part-time job information site, is a 120-minute internship program that shows suitability as an IT engineer without an entry sheet. ), Engineer mock exam ”will be held from October.Those who have achieved high grades in the mock exams are provided with benefits such as invitations to work-type internships.

This mock exam allows anyone to check their qualifications as an IT engineer regardless of their qualifications such as experienced, inexperienced, nationality, age, etc., and can participate without an entry sheet.The results will be fed back on the spot, and if they pass the screening, the applicant will be asked to develop a new service at Dip's Next Generation Business Preparation Office.
If it is decided to commercialize it as a business with dreams, ideas and passion, it will be possible to establish a new department within Dip and also to establish a new company.In addition, applicants will also be presented with a selection pass ticket.In addition, we will prepare a diagnosis that shows the characteristics of the company that you are suitable for, and ask them to help reduce mismatches in career selection.

For IT engineers who continue to have a shortage of labor, students often say, "I don't know the job or aptitude," "the threshold of programming language is high," or "I want to try it, but I don't understand."
Therefore, based on know-how such as the operation of job information services, Dip planned this mock exam so that students who are looking for a job will know the suitability for IT engineers.

Source:[DIP Corporation] An internship that shows your aptitude "Do not write a single line of source code (!), Engineer mock exam" 1 minutes complete, feedback to all participants, selection pass ticket available to excellent people

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