Vorkers Co., Ltd., which operates the corporate research site "Vorkers" for finding employment and changing jobs, announced "Company ranking that does not disappoint." McKinsey & Company was first, the Patent Office was second, and Recruit Management Solutions was third.Many "pay for performance companies" and "long-term stable companies" were ranked high.

 "Ranking of companies that do not disappoint" is a survey of companies that do not disappoint before joining the company from word-of-mouth. We analyzed word-of-mouth about "gap after joining the company" posted on Vorkers by machine learning, and ranked companies with few gaps after joining the company = companies that do not disappoint.

 At the top are "pay for performance companies" including foreign-affiliated consulting companies such as McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group, and "long-term stable companies" such as the Japan Patent Office, NTT, and NYK Line.

 A man working at McKinsey & Company said, "The reason I decided to join the company was to improve my business skills in a short period of time, to learn a management perspective, and to work in an international environment. The validity of the reason for joining the company is the purpose. I am satisfied because I was able to achieve it. However, since I was originally thinking of doing my own business in the future, I feel that other companies may have been more suitable from that perspective. I want to do it as a consultant in the future, and I think it's the best environment for people who are still struggling with their careers. "

 A man working at the JPO said, "The reason I decided to join the company was that I emphasized that I was highly specialized and could improve myself even after joining the company, and that it was easy to maintain a work-life balance. The reason for the agency was reasonable. The training system is very substantial, and in addition to the supplementary examiner course training that lasts about three months after entering the agency, it is possible to participate in many technical trainings from the first year. Since the examination work is basically done independently, you can leave the office on time or use it for a fee without hesitation. "

 Although the companies have opposite characteristics, it is easy to imagine what they can expect after joining the company and how they work, and it is difficult to create gaps.

The top 10 companies in the "Company Ranking that does not disappoint" are as follows.
1st place McKinsey & Company Japan Branch
2nd place Patent Office
3rd place Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd.
4th place Emirates
5th International Oil Development Teishi Co., Ltd.
6th Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
7th Marubeni Corporation
8th Boston Consulting Group Co., Ltd.
9th place Mitsubishi Corporation
10th place PwC Advisory LLC

reference:[Vocers Co., Ltd. Rewarding Research Institute] Ranking of companies that do not disappoint

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