In April 2023, Josai International University will establish a new Graduate School of Health Science Major in Health Science.

 In recent years, health science in Japan has been required not only to cure simple diseases, but also to help people live healthier and happier lives while coping with illnesses and disabilities.For this purpose, the conventional medical model and a single specialized field are not enough. We need human resources who can take leadership while connecting each specialized field, and who can carry out advanced specialized practice based on scientific grounds.

 Josai International University's Graduate School of Health Sciences Major in Health Sciences (Master's Program) shares learning from different specialized fields, cultivates the ability to perceive health from multiple perspectives, and develops advanced expertise in health sciences. Aims to train highly specialized professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills.

 Areas of study include (XNUMX) "Health and Pharmaceutical Sciences" to cultivate the ability to develop basic medical technology that contributes to the improvement of human health and QOL, (XNUMX) the ability to create more advanced practice in the general nursing field, "Nursing" to foster the ability to support people's lifelong development; Establish the “Rehabilitation Science Field” to cultivate the ability to formulate and implement measures.

 Eight applicants will be recruited, and the examination subjects will be an essay, a foreign language (English), and an oral examination (interview).Details such as the application period and examination schedule will soon be published on the Josai International University website. Depending on the applicant's eligibility (e.g., those who do not have a university degree), the application eligibility will be reviewed in advance.A special entrance examination for adults is also planned.

Reference: [Josai International University] Graduate School "Health Science Department, Graduate School of Health Science" (established in April 2023)

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