Professor Nozomu Togawa of Waseda University's Faculty of Science and Engineering and Sumitomo Electric Industries have agreed on joint research to utilize quantum computing for delivery planning in the logistics business. By 2025, we will promote the practical use of delivery planning using quantum computing and aim to improve the efficiency of logistics.

 According to Waseda University, quantum computing is a computer technology that utilizes the phenomenon of quantum mechanics to achieve parallel computing, and can perform calculations in a much shorter time than conventional computers.

 In the logistics business, it is expected to be used to calculate the shortest route back to the original point after visiting multiple delivery points, such as in the planning of delivery plans. notIn particular, the work of combining and optimizing the shortest distances is difficult, and it is called the "traveling salesman problem" and has become the biggest issue for practical use.

 Professor Togawa and Sumitomo Electric proceeded with formulating procedures and rules, and verifying the validity of solutions, and succeeded in calculating a single delivery vehicle assuming an actual delivery route.In response to this, it was decided to enter into full-fledged joint study work, and consideration will be given to simultaneous calculation of delivery routes for multiple vehicles and changes to plans after delivery starts.

 Sumitomo Electric plans to start technology development in anticipation of incorporating the study results into a vehicle operation management system in the future.

reference:[Waseda University] Started joint study on the practical application of quantum computing in the logistics business, aiming to instantly calculate the optimal delivery route and improve the efficiency of logistics

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