Showa Women's University "Women's Culture Research Institute", a comprehensive research institute on women's culture, launched the "Company Evaluation Project for Female Students" in November 2013 to help students who are refraining from finding employment to choose a company. Starting from the month, we survey companies that are easy for women to work by industry and publish the results.

 The fourth industry this time is "Electrical equipment industry" and "Securities / Insurance / Finance industry (excluding banks)", and the target companies are listed in "CSR Company Directory 4 Edition (Toyo Keizai Shinposha)". There are 2015 electrical equipment companies and 91 securities / insurance / financial companies. Based on the data of the CSR company overview, we ranked the average length of service of women and the rate of promotion of job titles as indicators, and based on the results, recommended companies were selected according to their preference for work.

According to the survey results, in the electrical equipment industry, we recommend 5 companies such as "Sony" which announced the declaration of promotion of women's advancement for "challenge-oriented", and the ratio of females among the managers and above for "people who want to work crunchy" (5%) was selected from 4 companies such as "Sysmex", which is the number one in the industry, and 5 companies such as "Seiko Epson", which has a child-rearing support system, were selected as "people who want to continue working after giving birth".
On the other hand, in the securities, insurance, and financial industries, we recommend 15.9 companies such as "Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance", which has the highest average length of service in the industry (5 years) and a diverse human resources utilization department, and "Crispy work". There were 42.8 companies, including "Credit Saison," which has the highest ratio of female managers in the industry (6%).

Behind the implementation of company evaluations, there is a large temperature difference in the success of women depending on the company, and it is difficult for students to tell which company really expects women to play an active role and is easy to work with.At the institute, we hope that students will use this evaluation as a reference to select a company that suits them and play an active role as a member responsible for corporate decision-making in the future.
* Detailed evaluation results and past announcements can be viewed on the website of the Institute for Women's Culture.

Source:[Showa Women's University Institute for Women's Culture] Announcement of the 4th "Ranking of Excellent Companies" for Female Students

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