1.4% of students at Kansai University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Doshisha University, and Ritsumeikan University were encouraged to purchase or use drugs such as cannabis and stimulants, and 8.5% said they would not use them unless they would cause trouble to others. A drug awareness survey conducted jointly by four universities reveals that people think it's about personal freedom.

 The survey was conducted online from April to May, targeting 4 students enrolled in the 2022 academic year at four universities.

 According to the survey, 88.9% of respondents said that drug use was "absolutely unacceptable and should not be used for any reason," while 8.5% answered "personal freedom" and 0.6% answered "personal freedom." One time is fine," he replied.The number of positive responses to drug use is only 1-0.2 points, but it is higher than the previous year's survey.

 93.5% answered that they had never been recommended or invited by others, but 0.4% said they were recommended to purchase, 0.8% said they were recommended to use, and 0.2% said they were recommended to use it. answered that they were "forced to use it", revealing that there are a certain number of invitations to students.The percentage of invited students is slightly higher than the previous year.

 When asked if there are people around them who possess or use drugs, 3.1% answered yes.Of these drugs, 54.0% were cannabis, 13.1% were stimulants, and 8.4% were organic solvents such as paint thinner.

reference:[Kansai University] Distribute the press release "(Joint announcement) Announcement of the aggregate results of the 2022 Kansai University "Awareness Survey on Drugs""

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