In February 2023, Kyoshin, which operates cram schools and English conversation schools, will open an Australian university preparatory school (foundation course) "UNSW Foundation Studies Program Kyoto Campus" in Kyoto City.While in Japan, you can study at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, which is one of the top 2 universities in Australia.

 The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is a public comprehensive university considered to be one of Australia's top 8 universities Group of Eight, with a campus in Sydney.It is a prestigious university that is consistently ranked at the top in Australia along with the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne, and is ranked 2023th in the 45 QS World University Rankings.

 The opening ceremony of the UNSW Foundation Studies Program Kyoto Campus was held on October 2022, 10 at the Karasuma Kyoto Hotel in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, where the campus is located.Guests from Kyoto City Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa, the Australian Embassy in Japan, and UNSW Global, an educational institution that has jurisdiction over the acceptance of international students at the University of New South Wales, attended the event and celebrated the launch with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

 The school will open in February 2023, and in partnership with UNSW Global, we will offer two preparatory courses per year.The maximum number of students in each term is 2. Students study the basic course for entering university for nine months, and enter university after completing the course.Many of the students are expected to go to the University of New South Wales, but we will also help them to study at other universities in Australia, the UK and New Zealand.Kyoshin is considering setting up campuses outside of Kyoto.Until the opening of the school, Kyoshin will hold visitor-type open campuses and tours.

 The foundation course is mainly a preparatory school where students learn the basic course of university preparation required for universities in England, Australia, and New Zealand (equivalent to a one-year university liberal arts course in Japan).Normally, when a Japanese student wishes to study at an Australian university, he/she must meet the required English proficiency level and have completed the second year of high school or higher before entering the local foundation course.

 In general, when you wish to go on to a university in Australia from Japan, after graduating from high school in March, there is a blank period of about half a year until you study abroad, but this foundation course starts in February and lasts for 3 months. As a result, students will be able to enter university in February of the following year, eliminating the gap between high school graduation and study abroad, and after completing the Foundation Course, they will be able to move to the Bachelor Course (bachelor's course) without leaving any time.In addition, by completing the first year of study abroad (equivalent to a foundation course in Australia), which is the most burdensome for international students in terms of learning, in Japan, the hurdles for advancing to specialized courses from the second year onwards will not only be lowered. It will also be possible to reduce the cost of staying in the country in the first year.

reference:[Kyoshin Co., Ltd.] Kyoshin Co., Ltd. Held a ceremony to commemorate the completion of the campus of the first overseas university preparatory school (* 1) opened in Japan UNSW You can study in a preparatory course at a prestigious Australian university (* 2) while staying in Japan. Foundation Studies Program Kyoto Campus Opened in Karasuma Kyoto Hotel in February 2023 Accepting 2 students wishing to study abroad annually

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