The overseas study agent "World Avenue Co., Ltd. *" is looking for a scholarship program "Australia University Scholarship" for Japanese high school students who are considering going on to an Australian university and those who have graduated from high school within two years. have started.

The Australian University Scholarship is a system that provides scholarships for 24 weeks of language training expenses including university entrance courses at affiliated language schools on World Avenue for study abroad on the premise of entering an Australian university. is.This is a full-benefit scholarship that does not require repayment, and is a limited number of scholarships planned by World Avenue and World Avenue affiliated language schools.


* World Avenue Co., Ltd. is a study abroad agent established in 1995.We have signed official agency contracts with several national universities in Australia, such as the University of West Sydney, the University of Canberra, and the University of Sunshine Coast, to support Japanese students in going to overseas universities.

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