Kanagawa University announced the results of the "Scholarship and Stipend Student System * Awareness Survey 2015".The survey was conducted on the Internet for a total of 2015 people from July 31st to August 8th, 6, targeting 7 high school students, graduates, and college students and 500 parents with children of high school students, graduates, and college students. I researched.

 As a result of the survey, when asked to 500 parents who have children of high school and college students, "Is the cost of going to college or university-related expenses for children putting pressure on the household budget?", 78.0% of the parents answered "Yes". It has become clear that less than 8% of households are burdened with the cost of sending their children to college.However, on the other hand, 88.0% answered that "it is a loss for society for children to give up going to college due to financial reasons", and XNUMX% answered that "it is true", and losing the opportunity for young people to learn is also negative for society. It turns out that many parents have the perception that they are.

 In addition, when asked to high school students (221 students), "Do you think you should give up going to college because of financial circumstances?", More than 3 in 1 38.5% answered "Yes". , 269% of university students (21.5 students) agreed that "I think it is possible to choose to drop out of university in the future, considering financial circumstances", and 5 in 1 people agreed on financial circumstances. I answered that dropping out at the university would be an option.

 When asked about one of the benefit-type scholarship programs, the "stipend student system," only 24.8% of high school and university students, or one in four, answered that they "know", followed by scholarship students. When asked about the system and asked, "Are you interested in universities that are conducting exams to hire scholarship students?", The majority, 4%, answered "yes."It turned out that the information was not properly communicated to students who needed a benefit-type scholarship such as a scholarship system.

* The scholarship system is one of the benefit-type scholarship systems.Kanagawa University has been implementing this system since 1933, with a system that treats those with excellent entrance examination results as "stipend students" and provides a certain amount of tuition fees or exempts them from tuition fees.

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