Kanagawa University announced that it will establish a new benefit-type scholarship "Kanagawa University Reservation-type Scholarship" from the 2017 entrance examination, which promises financial support for students before admission.This is an expansion of the university's unique scholarship system, with the aim of supporting students from rural areas so that they can concentrate on their studies with peace of mind.

 A major feature of Kanagawa University, which originated from "Yokohama Gakuin" opened by Yoshimori Yoneda in 1928, is the "Yoshimori Yoneda Education Scholarship". This is a benefit-type scholarship established based on the educational philosophy that "education is about building people." More than 10 types of scholarships are prepared for each target student, such as freshmen, locals, and graduate students, and most of them are repaid. It is unnecessary.

 One of the most famous is the "Stipend Student System", which was established in 10, 1933 years before the establishment of the Japan Student Services Organization (currently Japan Student Services Organization).This is a scholarship that provides a maximum of 4 million yen for four years and does not require a refund. It is a system with a tradition of more than 800 years, which aims to attract excellent human resources not only from aid but also from rural areas and to bring out their talents.

 The "Kanagawa University Reservation Scholarship", which will be added to the new "Yoshimori Yoneda Education Scholarship" from 2017, is a benefit-type scholarship system targeted at high school graduates other than Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo.The application period is from November 11st to 1th, and the candidates for employment will be decided in late December.The number of candidates for employment is planned to be 18, and the annual amount of 12 yen for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and 200 yen for the Faculty of Science and Technology will be paid for up to 40 years.

reference:[Kanagawa University] Various scholarships to support "I want to learn!"

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