The Japan Student Services Organization has expanded the scope of applications for Type 2016 scholarships (overseas) in XNUMX and has started accepting reservations.

 The second-class scholarship (overseas) is from the perspective of fostering human resources who can play an active role internationally and providing financial support in light of the increasing number of students who are actively studying at overseas universities and graduate schools. This is an interest-bearing loan scholarship that was created and is interest-free while attending school.The target is those who are planning to go on to overseas universities and graduate schools, and the "reservation system" is to apply in advance before going on to university. From 2016, the application target is from within 2 years (partly within 4 years) after graduation / completion of the enrolled school in Japan to within 3 years (partly within 5 years) after graduation / completion. It has been enlarged.

 In the case of scholarships for university students, the monthly loan amount is 3 yen, 5 yen, 8 yen, 10 yen, 12 yen, and the standard amount of household income is the father and mother of the person. Alternatively, the previous year's income of the person who supports the household budget on behalf of the parents is subject to selection, and as a guideline for income and income, the salary income (the amount of salary income on the income certificate) for a four-person household is 4 million yen or salary income. Other than (income amount of income certificate) is 1,124 million yen.
In addition, in order to receive a second-class scholarship (overseas), a personal guarantee system (appointing a joint guarantor and a guarantor) and an institutional guarantee system (guarantee by paying a certain guarantee fee) It is necessary to join both of the systems that you can receive.

 Applications can be accepted online or via the application form (paper), but since the application deadline differs depending on the school, it is necessary to contact the scholarship officer of the school you are enrolled in or your school of origin.

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