ANA Group's All Nippon Airways and ANA Wings have started recruiting cabin attendants for the first time in four years since 2024 as new graduates in 2020.Although the end of the corona crisis is not yet foreseeable, countries around the world are easing travel restrictions for business and tourism, and a full-fledged recovery in air transport demand is expected.

 According to ANA Holdings, about 430 cabin attendants will be recruited for All Nippon Airways and about 100 for ANA Wings.Both companies have suspended recruitment of new graduates for cabin crew positions from 2021 due to the suspension of international flights due to the corona wreck, but will revive it for the first time in four years.

 Applicants are expected to graduate or complete a vocational school, college of technology, junior college, university, or graduate school between April 2023 and March 4, and join the company at the time specified by the company after April 2024. The condition is that you can.

 The ANA Group recruits approximately 34 new graduates across the 2,700 Group companies.Peach Aviation's in-house training pilots will also be recruited for the first time in three years since 2021.

 In addition, the starting salary for new graduates joining All Nippon Airways will be increased by up to 2 yen for university graduates, and other companies in the ANA Group are also considering raising it.

reference:[ANA Holdings] Recruitment of new graduates joining the ANA Group in 2024 and increase in starting salaries for All Nippon Airways

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