From March 2023, 3, the Career Support Center of Chiba University of Commerce has started operation of the career skill sheet "AKINAI" that can visualize the skills and experiences of each student acquired in university life.

 AKINAI is a career skill sheet unique to Chiba University of Commerce that allows students to effectively output their own skills and experiences and visualize the skills they have acquired in college life.Before creating a resume or entry sheet, the purpose is to reflect on yourself, organize and understand the skills you have acquired such as experience, activity achievements, and qualifications, and use them for job hunting.When students are looking for a job, by submitting it to companies, they can highlight episodes and personalities that cannot be written on resumes and entry sheets alone.

 The main items of "AKINAI" are the six ability elements that compose the curriculum of Chiba University of Commerce (Awareness of social norms/Honesty/Independence/Responsibility/Challenging spirit/Practical ability/Mutual understanding/Communication ability/Universality knowledge/skills/specialized knowledge/skills), three social responsiveness (smart society/sustainable society/global society), which are the ability elements required of human resources who will lead Society 6, and experience during school items to be focused on, and what we worked on with goals.

 For companies that receive AKINAI, it is possible to improve the efficiency and labor-saving of the recruitment selection flow, to grasp the personality and interests that are difficult to convey in a short interview, and to understand the individual's strengths and appeal points. "The ability to visualize the balance of the six ability elements." It is easy to judge whether the person is a good match.”

 Yohei Tsunemi, an associate professor at the Faculty of International Liberal Arts at Chiba University of Commerce, said, "Japan's job-hunting and recruiting activities are viewed as problematic because of their opaque and multi-stage selection process. AKINAI is a tool that encourages student growth and can also serve as a point of contact with companies and society. Of course, this is not the only way for students and companies to understand each other.I hope that this will be used as a tool to deepen understanding between students and companies, and as an opportunity for dialogue. I am looking forward to it.”

Reference: [Chiba University of Commerce] Visualizing the skills and experiences acquired in university life University's unique career skill sheet "AKINAI" Operation started in March (PDF)

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