A survey by the University of Tokyo's Institute of Social Science and the Benesse Educational Research and Development Institute revealed that the number of children who think they don't know how to study well has increased sharply over the past four years.Understanding learning methods is associated with learning motivation and grades, and it was also found that understanding learning methods is particularly effective in improving grades.

 According to the University of Tokyo, the Institute of Social Science of the University of Tokyo and the Benesse Educational Research Institute will target about 2015 groups of children from the first year of elementary school to the third year of high school and their parents from 2022 to 1. We conducted a follow-up survey to explore this, and analyzed the survey results with the theme of understanding learning methods.

 As a result, the number of children who do not know how to study well has increased sharply in the four years since 2019, reaching about 4% of the total. In 7, 2022% of 4th to 6th grade elementary school students, 61.1% of junior high school students, and 68.1% of high school students will increase by 73.2 to 2.7 points from the previous year.There was no change from the previous year in that the children's motivation to learn was declining.

 When we tracked children who thought they didn't know how to study well for two years, 2% ​​of the children were able to understand the learning methods, and their motivation to learn increased in the following year and their grades improved.Many children were able to think logically and accomplish what they had decided.

 The research group believes that teaching learning methods at home and at school increases children's motivation to learn and leads to improved grades and qualities.

reference:[University of Tokyo] About XNUMX% of people worry that they don't know how to study well - It is clear that "understanding of learning methods" is effective in improving motivation and grades - (PDF)

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