Due to university quota regulations in the 23 wards of Tokyo, the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology have compiled a partial amendment to the order that allows for increased quotas limited to information-related faculties and departments in the fields of science and engineering, and solicits public comments. started.The Cabinet Office and others will make a final decision on the details of the order based on public comments, and implement it on the date of promulgation.

 According to the Cabinet Office, the revision is to increase admission capacity, including the establishment of information-related faculties and departments that train advanced digital human resources with degrees in science or engineering. This is limited to cases where all three conditions are met.

 Restrictions on university enrollment in the 23 wards of Tokyo are being implemented as a temporary measure until March 2028 with the aim of alleviating the overconcentration of the young population in Tokyo.However, as society is undergoing major changes due to the progress of digitalization, the shortage of highly skilled digital human resources is becoming more serious, and there are strong calls from the industrial world to increase the number of human resource development.

 For this reason, the Cabinet Office and others have made exceptions to university quotas for highly skilled digital talent, and have announced policies to temporarily increase quotas at universities in Tokyo's 23 wards to increase the number of human resources.Public comments will be accepted until May 5th.

reference:[Cabinet Office] Public comments on the draft order to partially revise the order on restraining the number of undergraduate admissions in specific areas (procedure for soliciting public comments)
【Cabinet Office】Outline of draft order to partially revise order concerning curtailment of undergraduate admission capacity in specific areas

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