The Saitama Institute of Technology Career Support Center will add a new course to visit India (Gurugram and Delhi) in addition to Vietnam in 2023 in order to strengthen overseas leadership training through short-term study abroad in Asia.

 Saitama Institute of Technology is the only Buddhist technical university in Japan based on the teachings of the Pure Land sect founded by Honen.Now that the center of the world is shifting from the Christian world of Europe and the United States to the Buddhist world of Asia, we believe that it is important to think and act together with people living in Buddhist countries in Asia, and to envision our own future. The national short-term overseas leadership training “LETS (Leadership Education Training program for Students)” is being implemented.

 Participation targets are third-year students before they start job hunting.Students will visit emerging countries in the rapidly growing Asian region, cultivate leadership from a global perspective, and learn about the culture of diversity through hands-on experience.During the training period, the students will have four missions: 3) experience working and living in a global environment, 4) expand their circle of friends overseas, XNUMX) teach at a local elementary school, and XNUMX) promote World Heritage to Japanese people. activities.

 LETS began in 2016, and so far, a total of 191 students have participated in the Asian region, including Vietnam, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka.Experiencing the rapid development of Asia today has heightened motivation for job hunting, and many of the participating students have achieved a high level of employment at major and well-known companies.

 In 2023, India (Gurugram and Delhi) was added to the new visit destinations in order to further enhance the effectiveness of the training.About 2023 third-year university students are scheduled to participate in two courses, LETS Vietnam (8/9/8-18/2023) and LETS India (8/23/9-1/2), during the summer vacation period. .In addition to students from Saitama Institute of Technology, students from three universities outside the university are also planning to participate jointly.

Reference: [Saitama Institute of Technology] Career Support Center conducts overseas training 2023

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