In April 2024, Kagoshima University concluded an agreement with Soo City regarding the management of the base, following the establishment of the Minamikyushu Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science Base in Takarabe-cho, Soo City, Kagoshima Prefecture.We will provide livestock farmers with a place to learn the latest animal epidemic prevention technology, etc., and further promote the agriculture and livestock industry, which is the key industry of the region.

 According to Kagoshima University, the signing ceremony of the agreement was held at the Soo City Hall, where Soo Mayor Tsuyoshi Goizuka and Kagoshima University President Teru Sano signed the agreement.Mayor Goizuka said, "I hope that clinical training using advanced technology will foster veterinarians who will lead the future and contribute to the development of the construction industry in Kagoshima Prefecture." This is the first initiative in Japan to disseminate practical veterinary education nationwide.I hope that this agreement will advance the sophistication of veterinarian human resources and regional revitalization."

 The Minamikyushu Veterinary Veterinary Medicine Base was established in the former Takarabe High School in Takarabe-cho, Soo City, and will serve as a place for practical undergraduate education and specialized re-learning of international (European and American) standard animal husbandry veterinary medicine.The area is about 3 square meters, and cows, horses and chickens are raised.Students of veterinary schools and re-learning veterinarians from all over the country will receive overnight clinical training, and practical training and training will be held for livestock farmers and new farmers in Soo City.

 Soo City is expected to nurture human resources who will lead the future of the livestock industry, increase the exchange population by visiting the city, raise the level of livestock technicians, create new livestock-related industries, and establish animal welfare. Are expected.

reference:[Kagoshima University] Concluded an agreement on the management of the Minamikyushu Animal Husbandry Veterinary Science Center

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