A research group led by Professor Emeritus Shigeki Honzu of Kindai University and Professor Noriya Hashimoto of Osaka Dental University's School of Dentistry, along with dental equipment developer Morita Seisakusho, have developed a technology that whitens teeth while repairing enamel.It is a safe treatment with no allergic reactions, and is likely to attract attention as a new aesthetic restoration technology.

 According to Kindai University, the research group irradiated hydroxyapatite, the main component of teeth, with a laser for several seconds to create a film that strongly adheres to the enamel, and by lightly polishing the surface, they made the teeth shiny and white. We have developed a method to repair it.Acid resistance can also be improved by subjecting the deposited film to fluorination treatment.

 Teeth become yellow and stained for a variety of reasons, including astringent tea, cigarette tar, staining substances from coffee, wine, and curry, as well as age-related loss of enamel and increase in internal dentin, and discoloration of dentin collagen.

 Cosmetic dentistry currently mainly uses abrasive cleaning and bleaching with hydrogen peroxide, but it is difficult to completely whiten teeth with these methods, so if you want to make them even whiter, you can use tooth enamel. The texture has been reduced and a white ceramic resin plate has been pasted on.However, these methods not only cause significant damage to enamel, but also cause allergies to the adhesive.

 Furthermore, the results of this study suggest that it may be applicable to the repair and protection of enamel and the repair of microcracks (fine cracks and fissures).Furthermore, this technology can be expected to extend the lifespan of teeth and contribute to improving the quality of life of elderly people by maintaining oral function.

reference:[Kinki University] Develops aesthetic restoration technology that whitens teeth while repairing enamel. Expected to be a safe treatment that does not cause allergic reactions.

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