A total of 2024 schools across the country, including 82 national universities and 97 public universities, will be recruiting 179 students for the 12 university entrance exam, according to a tally by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.Utsunomiya University (data science management, engineering), Kochi University of Technology (data & innovation school), etc. are newly selected for comprehensive selection, Yamanashi University (engineering), Kyoto Prefectural University (agriculture food, life science and technology information, environmental department), etc. Introducing school recommendation-based selection.

 According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the contents of admission selection guidelines and other information published by each university by the end of July 2023 were compiled.Admission selection will be conducted at 7 faculties at 82 national universities and 404 faculties at 97 public universities.Compared to the previous year, the number of departments increased by one at national universities and by eight at public universities.National universities recruited 221 people, an increase of 1 people from the previous year, and public universities recruited 1 people, an increase of 8 people.
Comprehensive selection will be conducted at 64 faculties at 264 national universities, 41 faculties at 85 public universities, and school recommendation selection will be conducted at 77 faculties at 288 national universities and 96 faculties at 215 public universities.

 In addition to Utsunomiya University and Kochi University of Technology, the universities that will newly implement the comprehensive selection are Chiba University (information and data science), Ochanomizu University (co-creation engineering), Hyogo University of Education (school education), and Okayama University (medical science). ), Asahikawa City University (Economics, Health and Welfare), a total of 7 schools and 9 departments.

 In addition to the University of Yamanashi and Kyoto Prefectural University, the schools that will newly implement the school recommendation selection are Tokyo Institute of Technology (Faculty of Life Science and Technology), Ochanomizu University (Co-creative Engineering), Asahikawa City University (Economics, Health and Welfare), and Toyama University. A total of 9 faculties in 13 schools: Prefectural University (Information Engineering), Shimonoseki City University (Data Science), Kochi University of Technology (Faculty of Data & Innovation), and Shunan Public University (Department of Human Health, Department of Information Science).

reference:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] Regarding the selection of students for 6

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