In its ``en Career Creation Lab.'' career education project for university students, the En Human Resources Education Foundation (general incorporated foundation) conducted a survey regarding career views and work values ​​among university students scheduled to graduate in 2024 who have finished job hunting. went. Number of valid responses: 88 people.

 The environment and society surrounding students are changing day by day, and student life is filled with a variety of options such as extracurricular activities and internships. Therefore, the EN Human Resources Education Foundation conducted a survey to understand how students' experiences as students and their orientation toward work influence how they approach their work.

 According to the survey, in response to ``Question 20: How do you want to spend your XNUMXs?'' during your student days, ``experiences that gave you a real sense of contributing to society and solving social issues,'' ``hard experiences with high goals,'' and ``high-quality results.'' Students who answered that they had ``experienced something that required them to produce work and output,'' ``experienced working for someone other than themselves or society,'' and ``experienced thinking and acting independently,'' said, ``I place more emphasis on work than on my private life.'' On the other hand, students who have not had these experiences tend to place more importance on their private lives.

 In response to the question ``Question 20: Do you want to dedicate yourself to work even if it's a little difficult in your XNUMXs?'', the students who answered ``have experienced'' the same number of students who ``haven't had any experience'' Compared to the previous survey, it was found that people tend to have a high sense of work value, which favors devoting oneself to work while focusing on one's intellect in order to achieve results.

 The En Human Resources Education Foundation states, ``The specific experiences of the students who are the subject of this survey include a variety of experiences such as part-time jobs, long-term internships, volunteer activities, and research activities. We found that learning from people can have an impact on how you spend your time in your 20s and how you develop your work values.Currently, the number of students who have work experience such as long-term internships is increasing.Through real social experience ``I think that experiencing growth and feeling job satisfaction will lead to the selection of a work environment.''

Reference: [En Career Creation Lab.] What kind of experiences do students who answered that they want to work hard at work have during their student days? [Survey report]

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