Students from the Department of Environmental Sciences at Azabu University have participated in the Sagamihara City Adapt Program "City Beautification Adapt System" and have investigated and analyzed the dust scattering situation through sidewalk cleaning activities.On March 2019, 3, we will hold the Environmental Cafe Azabu "Machibika Stardust-Seeing the Area with SDGs Lenses-" to report on the results of these activities.

 Adopt means "adopt".The Adapt Program is a town beautification program through cleanup activities conducted in collaboration with citizens originating in Texas, USA, and the government.Even in Japan, the number of local governments that adopt this program is widespread throughout the country, and citizens and businesses become “foster parents” of certain sections of roads and parks to clean up, and the government supports it.

 At the Department of Environmental Sciences, Azabu University, students participate in the "Town Beautification Adapt System" in Sagamihara City and are cleaning the sidewalks.In addition, while conducting cleaning activities, we have been engaged in research on measuring the effects of town beautification activities by measuring and analyzing long-term changes in the state of dust scattering as data.

 This time, we will hold an environmental cafe Azabu "Machibika Stardust-Seeing the area with SDGs lenses-" on March 2019, 3, where students and participants talk about the environment while drinking tea and reporting on the results of their activities.The event name "Machibika Stardust" is named with the hope that countless glittering stars (participants) will meet at an environmental cafe and make the area shine together.Anyone from children to adults can participate for free, including those who are interested in town beautification, those who are practicing it, those who are supporting it, and those who are interested in SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).Prior application is required from the application form on the Azabu University website.

Reference: [Azabu University] Environmental Cafe Azabu "Machibika Stardust-Seeing the area with SDGs lenses-" will be held

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