On January 2018, 1, the students of Jissen Women's University, Department of Contemporary Life, will take a city walk tour "Ninaka District Brunning !!!" Was held.

 The "action plan" is one of the local community measures promoted by Hino City, and is an initiative aimed at solving regional issues with the power of the region. It has been implemented since 2016, and local residents have set regional issues for each of the eight junior high school districts in Hino City, and are working together to create a comfortable area to live in.

 At the Department of Contemporary Life, Jissen Women's University, we participate in the "Action Plan" of local residents in the "Ninaka District" as part of education for creating a community-independent society.This time, the students planned and operated a city walk event entitled "Brunning !!!" in order to expand the circle of exchange between old and new residents while rediscovering the charm of the area.

 The route for walking around the city was set based on the route of the "High School-University Collaboration Town Development Proposal" that was made in the summer of 2017 to connect the views and suggestions of local high school students to the "town" to revitalize the town.It also incorporates the perspective of local perspectives and the exchange of thoughts between generations.
Participants are the "Ninaka District / Running Map" with recommended spots selected from a student's perspective, such as the rumored Tanuki Park where Tanuki appears, Tamadaira Forest, and a hideaway curry shop in a residential area. I enjoyed walking around the city.

 From the students who participated, "I was glad that the weather was blessed and more people came than I expected." The theme was "Proposals for town development thrown from". This time, I'm glad that I was able to create a town where the opinions of high school students at that time were directly conveyed to the citizens. " "I would like to have a town with local junior high school students."

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