The total number of participants in the "Modern World Analysis Course", a relay course for retired human resources that Tama University has been offering since 2008, has exceeded 14. Details of the autumn 2019 course will be announced in early August, but Tama University will endeavor to enhance the content of the course to promote social participation of retired human resources.

 According to Tama University, the course for retired human resources will be divided into a spring course and an autumn course from 2008 in response to the fact that Tama New Town in Tama City, Tokyo, where the university is located, is a place where elderly people who have retired from retirement age are concentrated. Is being held.

 The aim is to advocate "re-arming of knowledge" for local retired human resources to participate in society, and to plan a course to deepen the awareness of the times necessary for social participation.About 400 retired human resources and about 150 undergraduate students take the same course every Thursday in the 4th period, and the repeat attendance rate of retired human resources exceeds 80%.

 From the spring course in 2019, live viewing distribution is being experimentally promoted at Shonan Campus in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Kudan Satellite in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. We are also looking for live viewing students for the Fall 10 course, which is scheduled to start in early October.

 Tama New Town is the largest new town in Japan located in the Tama Hills, which straddles Tama City, Inagi City, Hachioji City, and Machida City in Tokyo, and moved in from 1971.Although the population exceeds 20, there are many highly educated corporate warriors and their families who supported the Japanese economy during the period of high economic growth, and the progress of aging is an issue.

reference:[Tama University] Practical activities for aging in the suburbs of big cities that Tama University confronts The fall semester of 2019 of the "Modern World Analysis Course" supervised by President Jitsuro Terashima will start.

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