At Jissen Women's University, students will give a presentation on July 2015, 7 at Jissen Women's University Shibuya Campus, using the results of classes related to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics as "proposals for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics."

 Jissen Women's University / Jissen Women's University Junior College Department, which signed a university cooperation agreement with the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in June 2014. In fiscal 6, the second year of our efforts, we expanded the scale of classes related to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics and expanded the content of the classes. The number of students taking classes in 2 has doubled from that in 2015, and with the new collaboration with Kanazawa Gakuin University, the number of students taking classes is Hino of Practical Women's University, students of Shibuya Campus and Kanazawa. The total number of students at Gakuin University has increased to 2015.

 The theme of the class was "Trampolining Competition", and so far, Associate Professor Akiko Maruyama of Kanazawa Gakuin University (6th place in the Sydney Olympics, Japan National Trampolining) has also held a class, and Hino of Jissen Women's University. , A new attempt was made to connect the Shibuya campus and Kanazawa Gakuin University with Skype.At the presentation on July 7th, which is the culmination of the lessons, Mr. Makoto Higa, CCO and General Affairs Bureau Director of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, also attended, and the five representative teams selected in the previous lessons made proposals. It will be announced.Akihisa Fukasawa, a specially appointed professor at Jissen Women's University, says, "I would like to expand the circle of students to our students and other universities every year, and to attend the Tokyo Olympics in units of hundreds."

Source:[Jissen Women's University] Proposal presentation for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics was held.

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