The University of Tsukuba will change all graduate programs to a bachelor's degree program system from April 2020.Along with this, 4 graduate schools and 6 majors will be reorganized into 85 academic institutes (equivalent to graduate schools) and 3 research groups (equivalent to majors).This is the first time in Japan that all graduate school organizations have been transferred to a bachelor's degree program system.

 According to the University of Tsukuba, the bachelor's degree program system refers to an educational program that is systematically designed after clarifying what abilities should be acquired when obtaining a degree.When you move to a bachelor's degree program system,
・ The type and name of the degree will be changed to an internationally accepted form.
・ Educational goals are clarified
・ The curriculum is systematically and systematically organized
-There are some merits such as.The University of Tsukuba will utilize this system to train human resources who can meet the needs of the rapidly changing modern society.

 Along with this, the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Graduate School of Business Sciences are the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Graduate School of Mathematical Materials Science, the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, the Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences is the Graduate School of Information and Life Sciences, and the Comprehensive Human Science Research. The Department, Graduate School of Information Media, and Graduate School of Education will be reorganized into the Faculty of Comprehensive Human Sciences.

 At the same time, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Business Sciences has the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Group, the Business Sciences Research Group, the Science and Technology Information and Life Sciences, the Mathematical Materials Science Research Group, the Life and Earth Sciences Research Group, and the Human Sciences and Life Sciences Academy of Human Sciences. Put.This will remove the organizational barriers and realize a flexible curriculum organization.

reference:[University of Tsukuba] Complete transition of graduate program to bachelor's degree program system (April 2020-) (PDF)

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