The catchphrase is "Go to university again through the Internet."At Schoo WEB-campus, a video learning service that utilizes the Internet of Schoo Inc., you can take classes at affiliated universities for free.No qualifications are required, and anyone, including working adults and high school students, can participate regardless of occupation or age.

Schoo Inc. (quoted from the source)

Schoo Inc. (quoted from the source)

 "Schoo WEB-campus" is different from the existing "just watch the recording" e-learning, and features an interactive lesson that can be done online.You can experience "participating" lessons from "just seeing" lessons online.You can ask the teacher directly what you don't understand or want to ask, and you can deepen your understanding while communicating with hundreds of students and the teacher.

The affiliated universities are 2015 universities and graduate schools that have newly added 4 universities, Kokugakuin University, Tokyo Mirai University, Yasushi Gakuen University, and Kumamoto Gakuen University, to Hosei University, Kinki University, etc. announced in April 4. is. Since July 13, we have been offering unique classes online at each university with the theme of "education that can be used in work".


Source:[Schoo Inc.] Go to university again through the Internet

Tokyo Future University
Yashima Gakuen University
Kumamoto Gakuen University

A liberal arts university that learns "the power to live" while drawing big dreams for the future

Kumamoto Gakuen University is a comprehensive university of liberal arts with 5 faculties and 11 departments of commerce, economics, foreign languages, and social welfare, based on the founding spirit of "accompanied by teachers and students, open-mindedness, and whole university family".While giving a wide range of knowledge, he deeply teaches and researches the theory of specialized science, and firmly establishes the tradition of overseas development and international activities in Kumamoto Prefecture and the free-spirited academic style peculiar to private schools […].

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