The Japan Student Services Organization has started recruiting the 4th semester of the study abroad support system "Tobitate! Study Abroad JAPAN Japan Representative Program", which is a collaboration between the public and private sectors.Based on the government's Japan Revitalization Strategy, this system was established to double the number of Japanese students studying abroad. Add to the target.

Japan Student Services Organization is recruiting 4th gen members of the study abroad support system in collaboration with the public and private sectorsThis program started in 2014 and aims to collect 2020 billion yen from the private sector by 200 and send 1 Japanese students from high schools, technical colleges, junior colleges, universities and graduate schools as dispatched international students. increase.There are 6 courses of science and complex / integrated human resources, emerging countries, world top level universities, diverse human resources, regional human resources, and high school students. Scholarships that do not require repayment (12-20 yen per month), travel expenses (10-20) Assistance for tuition fees (up to 60 yen).In addition to studying abroad to obtain a degree, we support various activities such as volunteering, fieldwork, and internships.

This time we are recruiting 5 courses excluding high school students. Students under the age of 10 who will start studying abroad by the end of October are eligible.The number of applicants is 30 for science and multidisciplinary / integrated human resources courses, of which 220% are college students.The emerging country course has 1 students, the world's top-level university course has 80 students, and the diversity human resources course has 100 students.A total of 100 people are planned, excluding the regional human resources course that is recruited and selected for each regional business.In addition, we also provide a network of international students as a place for workshops before and after studying abroad, continuous learning, and exchanges.

From this time, short-term study abroad programs for students with little travel experience, students from families with incomes exceeding the support standard amount will be included, and students in emerging countries courses will not be limited to business purposes, but will be able to learn local languages. In addition to targeting cross-cultural understanding, we have greatly expanded the range of target audiences by adding students who can attend regular classes and earn credits to the world's top-level university courses.Applications will be accepted until October 10th.

Source:[Japan Student Services Organization] First half of 28 (4th term) Public-private collaboration overseas study support system-Tobitate!About recruitment of study abroad JAPAN Japan representative program

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