Kitasato University (Minato-ku, Tokyo) will hold the 2015th Agricultural-Doctor Collaboration Symposium "The Connection between Food and Health-The Function of Food that Supports Life" at the Shirokane Campus on November 11, 29 (free admission). ..The University's Center for Agricultural-Doctor Collaboration Education and Research is working on "Agricultural-Doctor Collaboration (Integration of Agriculture and Medical Knowledge)" with the goal of helping the health and welfare of humankind as a whole. The main themes are research, practice of animal-mediated medicine, and dissemination of oriental medicine.

 At this symposium, professors from outside the university as well as on-campus will be on stage.In the first part, Associate Professor Hiroaki Kanouchi (Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) of Kagoshima University gave a lecture on "Health-promoting effect of jar-making rice black vinegar intake".Next, Mr. Katsutaka Oishi (Head of the Biological Clock Research Group, Biomedical Research Division) of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology will talk about "food and health from the viewpoint of the biological clock".
In the second part, Associate Professor Ken Kaku (Graduate School of Medicine and Dentistry) of Niigata Graduate School will be on stage, and if you eat collagen, can you make collagen?Lecture on "Post-translational modification in collagen biosynthesis and its molecular mechanism".Next, Professor Yoshinori Kobayashi (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kitasato University) will give a lecture on "Food and Health in Oriental Medicine", and finally a general discussion will be held.

 Those who wish to participate can apply by e-mail or fax after filling in their name, affiliation, and contact information (see the website of the Agricultural-Doctor Collaboration Symposium below for details).

Source: [Kitasato University Agricultural-Doctor Collaboration Education and Research Center] Agricultural-Doctor Collaboration Symposium

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