University of Tsukuba and Infocom (President, Norihiro Takehara, Tokyo), a telecommunications company, digitize publications, official documents, historical materials, and fine arts, and improve the convenience and utilization of digital archives that are shared and used on the Internet. We have started industry-academia joint research aiming at.In the future, we will promote research and development of new services and metadata (* 1) infrastructure that utilize new technologies.

 According to the University of Tsukuba, the title of the joint research is "Research and development to improve the convenience of digital archive systems."Professor Shigeo Sugimoto and Lecturer Mitsuharu Nagamori of the University of Tsukuba and Infocom staff have collaborated to adopt technologies such as RDF (* 2) and linked open data (* 3) to improve convenience and combine them with other resources. We will work on the development of new archive services.
Furthermore, in order to improve the convenience of general users, we will research metadata contents and the technologies for providing them.The verification for research will also include individual information contained in the Great East Japan Earthquake archive that Infocom is involved in constructing.

 In recent years, many research institutes, organizations, and companies have provided various digital archives, which are available anytime, anywhere via the Internet.On the other hand, in order to make the digital archive useful for education and regional development, it is required to improve convenience.University of Tsukuba and Infocom have decided to proceed with joint research to solve these problems.

* 1 Metadata Also called data, it is a general term for data for organizing, identifying, identifying, searching, managing, and storing information resources.
* 2 RDF A framework for describing unified metadata for describing resources on the web.
* 3 Linked open data A public format for linking data on the Web to share and disseminate data.

Source:[University of Tsukuba] Infocom and University of Tsukuba start joint research on promotion of digital archive utilization (PDF)

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