Through joint development with Fujitsu Limited, the research group at Kogakuin University has installed super-resolution technology on smartphones and succeeded in real-time processing of video signals on smartphones for the first time in the world.

 The research group of Professor Seiichi Koshi, Department of Information Design, Faculty of Informatics, Kogakuin University, succeeded for the first time in the world in the development of "advanced super-resolution technology" that enables real-time playback of images on smartphones.This is an initiative that applies high-definition technology that exceeds the conventional theoretical limits, and was realized through joint development with Fujitsu Limited.

 The super-resolution technology developed by Kogakuin University has already been highly evaluated by many broadcasting and video manufacturers, and is attracting international attention.Based on this technology, we have developed an advanced super-resolution technology that enables real-time playback of video on smartphones.Traditionally, super-resolution technology requires complicated processing, so real-time processing of video signals has been limited to hardware operations.However, Kogakuin University's super-resolution technology has made it possible to operate with software on smartphones by adopting a unique nonlinear signal processing method that was not generally used.By installing this super-resolution technology, you can achieve unprecedented levels of high definition and enjoy clear and clear images without blurring on your smartphone.The newly developed super-resolution technology will be commercialized through joint research with Fujitsu Limited and will be sold as "arrows NX F-02H".

Source: [Kogakuin University] World's first super-resolution technology installed in smartphones-Real-time processing of video signals on smartphones-

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