The Faculty of Letters of Chuo University started a new practice class "Practical Liberal Arts Exercise" in 2020. With the keyword "learning by ourselves", one theme is "creating textbooks to be used in university classes (publishing section)", "holding academic events on campus (event section)", and sending videos (video). The results are summarized by each expression method called "production department)".

 In the "practical liberal arts exercise", students studying different specialized fields gather and work together to tackle the task.Learn about the common themes that have been set in the publishing department, event department, and video production department, and summarize the results in each expression method.The capacity is 3 people in total for 3 departments.By combining active learning methods and creating deliverables that approach the same theme from multiple perspectives in a small group, we will develop communication skills and creative skills that transcend specialized fields.

 The common theme for 2020 is "people and things."Acquire practical skills to express what you understand in a different way from papers and reports.We aim to acquire the necessary skills and perspectives while talking with professional editors, screenwriters, film directors, cultural resource research experts, etc. in each department.

Reference: [Chuo University] Learning by ourselves-New class "Special Liberal Arts: Practical Liberal Arts Exercise"

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