At Shitennoji University (Habikino City, Osaka Prefecture), we practice "COCOROE PROJECT * 1" with the aim of making each and every student a young man with an "unwavering heart" like Prince Shotoku.In "Regional Collaboration Internship I", which is one of the lessons of this project, we are working on the production of a booklet "Koyomi Notebook-2016 Edition-" with a calendar that contains information on the shopping districts around the university and local events. I did.

 The production of this booklet is an initiative that started last year, and this year it was decided to produce the second one at the request of the shopping district.Introducing the festivals of Fujiidera, etc. by summarizing the best deals on the shopping street as a calendar.There is also a shopping street map and a page where you can enter your daily schedule.

 This time, in addition to the Fujiidera station square north shopping street, Fujiidera Heartful 91 shopping street, and Fujiidera Ichibangai shopping street, which were posted last year, information on Domyoji Tenjin-dori shopping street in front of Domyoji station is also posted.After repeated discussions with the executives of the shopping district on what kind of information to include, from May 2015, we visited each store in the shopping district, explained the purpose, and collected information.

 Regarding editing, Kazuhiro Miyake, the representative of slur creative design production, a design office that produces promotional materials for companies in the Fujiidera area, was invited as a lecturer, and students produced it using Illustrator.It will be published this month in December 2015.

(* 1) A project started in 2017 as a symbol of the university's 50th anniversary in 2013, taking over the origin of education and taking a new stage.With the goal of sending young people with an "unwavering heart" like Prince Shotoku, who was the origin of the university, to society, the goal is to connect with the local community and create a big movement centered on students.The aim is to implement the 1400 project.

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