Seisen University (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) and Tokyo Foreign Language University (Fuchu-shi, Tokyo) signed a comprehensive "Basic Agreement on Cooperation and Cooperation" on December 2015, 12.The purpose of this is to promote cooperation and cooperation between the two universities in education and research guidance and research activities including student exchange and credit transfer.At the same time, we have also signed an "Agreement on Credit Transfer between Seisen University and Tokyo Foreign Language University".

 Seisen University is the founding body of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Spain, and the Department of Spanish Spanish Literature is one of the characteristics of the university.Akira Sugiyama, President of Seisen Women's University, and Hirotaka Tateishi, President of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, have been teaching Spanish since the establishment of the university. Partly because I was an alumni of the department, I came to the conclusion of this agreement.

 The signing ceremony was held at Tokyo Foreign Language University.President Tateishi said, "As a leading university for globalization, we are working with educational institutions in Latin American countries in particular, and we are very much looking forward to the cooperation of Seisen Women's University, which has a close network with Spain and Latin American countries. I hope that we can build a cooperative system in various ways in terms of international Japanese studies. "President Sugiyama said, "I am very much looking forward to a wide variety of collaborations and cooperation in the future, and I hope that the students will interact with each other and build closer relationships."After the signing ceremony, the two presidents talked about the possibility of future development.

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Starting from a foreign language, going to various parts of the world for deep learning

Learning the language used in the target area is essential for exploring global challenges.Tokyo Foreign Language University offers detailed and polite language education and advanced and specialized educational programs.In addition, 7% of current students have experienced long-term study abroad.Not only in English-speaking countries, but in every country and place in the world […]

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