Meiji University (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has produced an infomarshall (information-providing advertisement) that conveys the charm of the university and Tokyo to foreigners who are interested in Japan, and is a broadcasting station in Southeast Asia "WAKUWAKU JAPAN". Has started broadcasting.

 The video is about 25 minutes long and is produced in English.The content consists of three volumes, featuring three international students studying at the university from Indonesia, Myanmar, and Singapore.While walking around towns such as Akihabara and Asakusa, each international student introduces the charms and wonders of Tokyo as seen by them.Next, we will introduce the "mysterious events" that the international students experienced on the campuses of Surugadai, Nakano, and Ikuta, and the three faculty members will answer these "mysteries" not only in terms of learning. , The tradition of the university, facilities such as libraries, and the charm of student life such as clubs and club activities.

 In addition, as "Meiji University open to the world", it also includes information on "promotion of globalization", "production of human resources who are active in society", and "reputation (evaluation) in Japan". The purpose is to raise awareness of.By broadcasting this infomercial, we aim to appeal as a base for "internationalization" and to become an opportunity to acquire diverse international students.

 The video will be broadcast in Indonesia, Myanmar, and Singapore as "Tokyo DOKIDOKI Campus LIFE" in the TV program of the broadcasting station "WAKUWAKU JAPAN".We plan to broadcast multiple times from early to mid-March 3 with subtitles that match the local language.The video is also available on YouTube.

Meiji University

Polishing "individuality" and advancing to a co-creative future through the creation of knowledge

Meiji University celebrates its 140th anniversary.Based on the founding spirit of "freedom of rights and independence and autonomy," we will hone our diverse "individuals", maintain the spirit of "forward" that we will open up ourselves, promote cooperation in all aspects of society, and change the times. Fostering human resources who will continue to do so.We are advancing toward a co-creative future through the creation of knowledge.Employment Career Support Center […]

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