The selection results of the Japan Study Abroad Awards 2015, in which Japanese language school faculty and staff select the destinations they would like to recommend to international students, have been announced. 41 schools were selected.

Selection is conducted by a web questionnaire in the form of a registered vote for member schools of the Japanese Language Education Promotion Association, and the five departments of vocational schools, private universities, private universities, national and public universities, and graduate schools are divided into east and west according to location, and many votes are obtained. I chose 5 schools in order.Since there were the same number of votes in the west area of ​​the vocational school, we chose 4 schools.
The top schools in each department are Japan Electronic College in the east, Tsuji Cookery College in the west, Meiji University in the east, Yokkaichi University in the west, Ashikaga University in the east, and Ashikaga University in the west. Fukui University of Technology, National and Public Universities are Tokyo Institute of Technology in the east, Nagoya University in the west, Waseda University Graduate School in the east, and Kyoto University Graduate School in the west.

Japanese language schools have accepted many privately funded international students from overseas and have sent out about 6% of the international students studying in Japan.However, it is difficult for foreign students with different cultures and customs to smoothly go on to higher education institutions such as universities, so from the perspective of Japanese language schools, select the university or vocational school that you would like to recommend to international students and disseminate information. By doing so, we have been implementing it since 2012 so that we can proceed as smoothly as possible.

The award-winning schools other than the top east and west schools are as follows.
[Vocational school] International School of Business, Tokyo International Business College Tokyo School, Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College Tokyo School, ECC International Foreign Languages, Yale Academy, Seifu Institute of Information Technology, Japan Science and Technology Information
[Private Universities] Seigakuin, Akemi, Waseda, Osaka Seikei, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific
[Private University] Tokyo Electric, Tokyo Science, Waseda, Osaka Sangyo, Meijo, Ritsumeikan
[National Public University] Chiba, Tsukuba, Yokohama National, Osaka Education, Kyushu, Kyoto
[Graduate School] Keio University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Musashino, Kyushu, Kyoto University of the Arts, Nagoya

Source:[Japanese Language Education Promotion Association] Study Abroad in Japan AWARDS 2015 Results (University / Graduate School Division)

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