Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University (Machida City, Tokyo) 4th year student in the Department of Health and Nutrition, Kozuru Okubo and Yurika Hirata applied for "~ Maple Fragrance ~ Banana Skim Cupcake" at the 1st National Hospital Recipe Contest, "Low Calorie Sweets" Received a gold medal in the category. The award ceremony was held at Hotel Okura Sapporo on March 2016, 3.

 Low-calorie sweets are popular with the younger generation who are thinking about dieting, and are also offered as a hospital food for obesity and diabetics for calorie and sugar control.Therefore, the General Incorporated Association Regional Health and Society Research Institute (Sapporo City, Hokkaido) holds the contest with the aim of popularizing low-calorie sweets for maintaining health in the home.For registered dietitians / nutritionists working in hospitals and long-term care health facilities, as well as junior college / university students attending the nutrition department, recipes within 1 kcal per meal that can be deliciously reproduced at home using familiar ingredients We recruited.
In the selection, 10 judges score nutritional evaluation, deliciousness, originality, etc. The Grand Prix, Gold Award, Silver Award, and Winner were selected from 53 applications in the "Professional Category" and 11 applications in the "Student Category".

 Mr. Okubo and Mr. Hirata of the same university who won the gold medal in the "student category" this time developed a recipe for "banana skim cupcake" by repeating trial production and improvement. "I think I received a wonderful gold award as a culmination of my student life. It was a wonderful memory of my four years of college life," he said.
In addition to the university, Hokkaido Bunkyo University's "Mamezu Choimo Pudding", Tokai University Junior College's "Tummy-friendly Roll Cake", Kushiro Junior College's "Spring Fragrance Cherry Blossom Milk Agar", Nara Women's University "Sweet Pan Fukin" won the gold medal.

Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University

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