On March 2016, 3, the original CM of the Department of Media Communication at Jumonji Gakuen Women's University (Niiza City, Saitama Prefecture) was aired at the QFRONT Building "Q's EYE Vision" at the scrambled intersection in front of Shibuya Station.In this project, the seminar students of Ryosuke Kato, who specializes in media education and project learning, will play a central role in directing and producing music under the theme of "Many Colors," which is a characteristic of the department. In charge, students from the same department will appear and produce.

 At the seminar "Media Workshop" by Professor Kato, we are working to promote "Jumonji Gakuen Women's University" as it is, from all angles, with the motto "Jumonji, Do you Kanji?" ..The style of the seminar is "independent seminar", and volunteer students gather to come up with ideas and practice program production, commercial production, video editing, live broadcasting distribution, web production, etc.

 In the same seminar, the information program "MCLIP (M: media C: communication L: live I: information P: program)" is distributed. It is distributed once a month and introduces a wide range of information from basic information about the university to behind-the-scenes information such as open campus-linked projects, and is broadcast live on USTREAM and video on YouTube.In addition to introducing the university, he is also challenging various projects such as an original program that actually verifies the topic of eating together on the Internet, such as "Great eating together experiment!".

Jumonji Gakuen Women's University

Finding a purpose in life through specialized learning, "I am shining, to the future ..."

Jumonji Gakuen is enriching education for women to look to the future from a wide range of perspectives.Utilizing the characteristics of women's colleges, we provide a better environment to bring out individual abilities."Faculty of Education and Humanities" to study various sciences such as humanities, society, and nature, "Food Development Department" to study based on food science, fusion of literary sciences and de […]

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